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Recent research has shown that everything

finance professionals learned in college and while working in the profession and contained in the text books they own have changed. Most evidence to date shows that finance professionals are not at the forefront of these changes.

IFRS is forcing finance professionals
to unlearn what they know and relearn what they should. Even if professionals want to gain the necessary education, what they need to learn is still quite ill defined. Changing to IFRS is not as easy as simply modifying the financial courses. Eventually all courses would need to be modified for IFRS.

Professionals rely heavily on textbooks
and related materials when developing new course content for students. There is still no text book. Text book availability continues to be a major issue in IFRS integration. The challenge is to go back to understanding the basics, which requires a different kind of teaching. IFRS should be taught through cases and real life situations – group work where the professionals and peers challenge the students’ thinking.

It took me 7 years
of full-time research to comprehend the complexity and plan a training procedure. Ultimately without studying the IASB Materials, you will not be able to fathom the complexities and intricacies of IFRS. Since, there is no text book available, I have made a summary of the Standards which will enable you to start your IFRS learning.It is very difficult for anybody to learn a subject without a text book. Education of IFRS is in a quandary, though bare acts have been done diligently.

Please remember this is not a substitute for the Standards
Many verbatim text has been taken from the Standard itself and also the examples given by IASB. In my endeavour to make it easy to understand, I have put maximum examples to exemplify the intricate and interactive standards and where I felt the need for further explanation, examples have been modified to suit the learner.The Standards have been classified in accordance with the order in which they are to be studied. I believe all the Standards have to be learnt in an integrated manner and no one standard can be learnt or taught in isolation.

What I Realised
during this journey is that methods of teaching finance will have to change. Any suggestions, feedbacks (for further improvement) or queries will be highly appreciated because in this world, we are all born to cooperate, not compete.

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I will surely make out a good deal of time to go through the site and will also forward to my colleagues and fellow professionals here as well.” - Audu Isaac Usman (Senior Wells Onshore Accountant at Shell Petroleum Development Company)

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