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"Glimpse of our latest training on Ind AS (new IFRS based Indian Accounting Standards) attended by more than 100 Chartered Accountants."
New batch for ACCA Diploma in IFRS for June 2017 Examination starting from 19th February. Register now!

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" The website and the materials provided are excellent. It can really be recommended for all who want to get acquainted with the complex IFRS world "

ISTVAN LENGYEL, Secretary General of BACEE (Banking Association of Central and Eastern Europe)

IFRS Basics (2 Days) Intensive Online Training Program for Finance Professionals

We have researched and interpreted this high quality complex global standards to smoothen your IFRS transition and enable you to become a global accountant. Our core experience and knowledge base is what separates us from the rest.

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90% is free and easily downloadable


Comprehensive summary of the Standards in a user friendly language containing more than 500 numerical examples and lucid illustrations. Download instantly for free and start your IFRS learning!
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integrated examples

A set of 10 integrated examples incorporating more than 25 standards to demonstrate the intricacies and complexities and their effect on financial statements. Truly, a holistic approach to IFRS!
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New Revenue Standard

IFRS 15 (Ind AS 115) brings about a radical change in a company's business practice. The 5-step model, recognition principles and other aspects create a paradigm shift in financial reporting. Learn more about this new Standard, its application, case studies, work through examples and much more!

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We believe that the transition from Accounting and Reporting Practices from Generally Accepted Accounting Principles ("GAAP") to International Financial Reporting Standards ("IFRS") should be made in smooth and planned manner involving step-by-step byte size approach, to achieve the objective by behaving in a goal oriented manner. Education and training of staff is essential for successful implementation of IFRS (Ind AS). It is more than just accounting change but which has an organisation wide impact across all sectors. That is why we have come up with a one of its kind training program.
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We have researched on IFRS for the last 8 years and after interacting with clients, our experience suggest that IFRS is more than an accounting change and is something that needs to be realised. There will be significant changes in Profits, Dividend policy, EBITDA, Tax planning etc. because of this transition and companies need to plan well in advance to incorporate this change and ensure smooth transition. While IFRS in India is a reality now, it is of utmost importance for India Inc to gear up and embrace this change. This is why we have come up with a range of consultancy and assistance services.
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We can create worked examples, case studies, Excel templates and other ancillary tools best suited to your organisation's requirements. For example, if you are in Real Estate Industry, and you would like to know how IFRS 15 (the new Revenue Standard) affects your business practices, then we can develop specific material based on your particular scenario.
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We can assist in integrating IFRS into your course curriculum for Academic Institutes, Colleges and B-Schools. Ultimately, these students will be joining the corporates soon where they need to be well versed with industry norms otherwise they will be outdated from the market. Being able to communicate in the same global accounting language (IFRS) is what employers are looking for currently. Therefore a college graduate, part qualified students and individuals who are pursuing CA need to have a reasonable command over IFRS to be able to enhance their career and earn a higher salary package.
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